Monday, 16 January 2012

Victorian Ballgown

Hullo!  Hope you've all had a nice weekend!  Mine was full of the drama-llamas but at least I can say life isn't boring.

The dress I want to show you today is one of my evening gowns I wear as the Lady Honouria Hartwell-Jones who I play at the Clockwork Monkey larps (they're awesome by the way, if you larp and like steam punk you should totally check them out).

I'm not sure why I feel the need to constantly curtsey in this dress, but I do!
I think I need more curtsey practice though - dreadfully wobbly!
Inadvertently flashing my petticoat, oops...

Please excuse the wrinkles, I forgot about this dress until the last minute and due to weather fears I didn't stop to iron it...

The gold fabric has a flower and leaf pattern woven in and I'm sorry to say I don't have a clue what fabric it is.  I picked it up in a sale (£1 a metre, bargain!).  I have a sneaky suspicion it's actually some kind of upholstery chintz, but I don't really care, seeing as it works so well for 'Ria.

The bodice insert and underskirt are make out of green embroidered taffeta (why yes, I do love embroidered taffeta...).  Which again I picked up in a sale.

This is about the time when we got silly, can you tell?
The dress is trimmed with a brown trim and cream lace.  It has cream lace in the sleeves as well, but that's not really very easy to see.  I'm wearing my gold evening gloves with it (charity shop purchase, also part of Angel's kit) and a muff which I made to keep my hands warm (more about that on a different day).

The gun is very pretty.  'Ria hasn't used it yet, but she plans to!  Can you tell I know nothing whatsoever about firearms?  Replice or real!

On Thursday I'll show you my more punky steam punk gear, which I wore to my last birthday party.

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