Thursday, 19 January 2012

Steampunk Bustle Skirt!

I love this skirt so very much!  I found the tutorial in a random online search, then a few months later I was given a load of dark red taffeta so I was all set!

I didn't totally follow the tutorial, as I didn't want a skirt that opened at the front, so mine is actually a kind of bustle belt with a matching underskirt, but I still think it looks fun!

So many ruffles!

The corset is a shop one, from corsets uk and the top is a mans shirt I picked up in a charity shop and altered.  I used an online tutorial for that as well,but sadly I can't find the link for that anymore.

The bustle is done up by kilt straps (our local ribbons and whatnot shop stocks them so I use them a lot!).  The skirt is trimmed with black embroiderie anglaise and the shirt with the widest black lace trim I could find.

I wore this outfit for my birthday party last year, when I had an afternoon tea party and invited everyone who wanted to, to dress up.  It was lots of fun!

I have plans for this outfit, for when 'Ria dies/retires as I'd like my next character to be a bit less prudish and a lot more sassy!

Next week I've got pics of my LT kit to show you.  Have a great weekend!

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