Thursday, 26 January 2012

Larp Chemise and Shawl

Is it really Thursday already?  Where do the weeks go?!  As you may be able to guess I'm feeling horribly rushed at the moment, but oh well!

So - Astrid's kit again :)

 This is her short sleeved chemise.  It's made from blue linen off cuts and is slightly unusual for me in that it's straight (I normally make an a-line chemise for movement).  To combat the lack of movement it's got slits in it to just above my knees.

As you can see here it's tied with a drawstring and can be worn on or off shoulder.

I wasn't entirely sure what the weather was going to be like for The Gathering, so I made a long sleeved version as well!  This one is blue poly cotton, a bit longed and a lot baggier.

The sleeves are elasticated at the cuff, and this chemise is cut on an a-line shape for freedom of movement.

I also wasn't sure how warm I was going to be, and whilst I didn't want to make another cloak for myself (I have 4 different larp coats already...) I did want something to wrap around me for warmth.  I debated knitting some kind of shawl, but lets face it - my knitting skills are not up to that kind of challenge yet!

Luckily for me my local fabric shop had a faux wool in.  It's very soft and was sold cheap as they aren't sure of the fabric type.  To make the shawl I worked out how big a rectangle I wanted by draping it over myself (no not very scientific, worked though) then folding it in half.  I stitched down 2 sides, turned it the right way out and stitched up the last side.  And ta-daa!  I have an amazingly warm soft shawl that also seems to be reasonably waterproof.

So there we go - Astrid's kit in all it's glory.

Next week I think I'll show you a fun waistcoat I made as a Christmas present and hopefully have some exciting news to show/share with you all!

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